Global release of Smooz was featured on Lifehacker (US), Nikkei Newspaper (Japan) and more.


Global release of Smooz was featured on below media.

We are so grateful for these great review articles.

Lifehacker (US)  Use Smooz to Actually Browse the Web One-Handed

Nikkei Newspaper (Japan)  タブ付きブラウザー、アスツールが世界展開 (Astool Inc. goes global with the tab browser )

Tech-Wd (Saudi Arabia)   Smooz متصفح ويب غني على أندريد و iOS (Rich browser for Android & iOS)

ASCII (Japan)  20万DLのスマホブラウザー「Smooz」、全世界配信を開始 (Smooz started releasing Smooz globally)

THE BRIDGE 進化する次世代多機能モバイルWebブラウザ「Smooz」、iOS版とAndroid版をグローバルリリース  (Smooz, involving next gen mobile web browser, released iOS/Android apps globally)

Diario Tecnologia (Spain)  Smooz: El navegador móvil que funciona con una mano (Smooz: The mobile browser that works with one hand) (Czech) Internetový prohlíčeč Smooz snadno obsloužíte i jednou rukou(You can easily serve the web browser with one hand)