Smooz Premium Service Refund

Dear Smooz Users,

As announced previously, Smooz was discontinued on December 23rd, 2020. We would like to let you know that we are ready to refund Premium users of Smooz. If you are eligible to apply for a refund, please contact us at “”.

  • Those who are eligible for refund:
    • ​Smooz users who were subscribed to the Smooz Premium Service after December 1st, 2020. (The charge for after December 1st will be refunded on the daily basis calculation.
  • Period of refund:
    • Until May 20th, 2021

We appreciate your patience till now, and would like to encourage you to contact us so that we could proceed with your refund as soon as possible.

Yuichi Kato
CEO, Astool Inc.

Smooz Premium Service Refund


We regret to announce that Smooz is discontinued on 23rd of December, 2020.

To those who have subscribed to the premium service of the iOS app, we will inform you of how the refund is made on our blog ( ) shortly.

If you have inquiries about the refund, please contact us at:

We wish to thank all Smooz users, and we would like to accept all feedback for this endeavor.

Yuichi Kato

CEO, Astool Inc.


iOS: You can now open as many tabs as you want!

Good news for tab lovers.

From Smooz iOS ver1.28.0, we eliminated the upper limit number of tabs and made it infinite, so you can now open as many tabs as you want!

Other Improvements
●The upper limit of tabs is gone and infinite tabs can be now opened!
●Show tabs when AMP pages is opened.

Bug Fixes
●Gestures did not worked on the quick access area.
●“New tab” buttons did not appear on Google search results.

iOS: You can now open as many tabs as you want!

Global release of Smooz was featured on Lifehacker (US), Nikkei Newspaper (Japan) and more.

Global release of Smooz was featured on below media.

We are so grateful for these great review articles.

Lifehacker (US)  Use Smooz to Actually Browse the Web One-Handed

Nikkei Newspaper (Japan)  タブ付きブラウザー、アスツールが世界展開 (Astool Inc. goes global with the tab browser )

Tech-Wd (Saudi Arabia)   Smooz متصفح ويب غني على أندريد و iOS (Rich browser for Android & iOS)

ASCII (Japan)  20万DLのスマホブラウザー「Smooz」、全世界配信を開始 (Smooz started releasing Smooz globally)

THE BRIDGE 進化する次世代多機能モバイルWebブラウザ「Smooz」、iOS版とAndroid版をグローバルリリース  (Smooz, involving next gen mobile web browser, released iOS/Android apps globally)

Diario Tecnologia (Spain)  Smooz: El navegador móvil que funciona con una mano (Smooz: The mobile browser that works with one hand) (Czech) Internetový prohlíčeč Smooz snadno obsloužíte i jednou rukou(You can easily serve the web browser with one hand)



Global release of Smooz was featured on Lifehacker (US), Nikkei Newspaper (Japan) and more.

Award-Winning Gesture-Based Mobile Browser Smooz Goes Global

Smooz, a gesture-centric mobile browser that enables swift one-handed operation and more, announced its global launch.

Tokyo, Japan – February 27, 2018 – Smooz is a gesture-based mobile browser that supports smooth one-handed operation. This app that offers desktop-class tab navigation on mobiles will be available globally from today.

This next-generation mobile browser offers a fresh and unique browsing experience with its gesture-based navigation, tab manager, customizable gesture controls that trigger a multitude of functions, and social media convergence. Smooz won the “Best Apps of 2016” in the Japan App Store and raised $1 million from venture capitalists and angel investors in two early rounds.

“The reason we created Smooz is very simple. The lack of reinvention of mobile browsers is a pity,” said Yuichi Kato, Founder and CEO of Smooz. “The mobile version of Safari was introduced with the original iPhone in 2007. People spend so much time browsing, but shockingly, browsers haven’t undergone any innovation for over 10 years. Smooz is all set to change it.”

Smooz’s numerous features include, but are not limited to:

  • Hold link to open the website in a new tab
  • Customizable gestures activate numerous functions such as opening bookmarks, switching, swiping, closing a tab, and many more
  • Private mode to browse without recording browsing/search history and cookies
  • Quick access to visit a user’s favorite websites
  • Pin tabs for quick and easy access
  • Sync bookmarks across multiple devices by integrating the one-touch login of Facebook or Twitter without any privacy issues
  • Auto Tab Management that automatically closes inactive tabs within the user’s preferred timeframe (iOS only)
  • AI-powered predictive search that suggests keywords before users type them (iOS only)
  • Word-scanner that scans keywords in the text to search for them instantly (iOS only)
  • Image and QR searches directly with 3D touch (iOS only)


According to Counterpoint Research’s Global Daily User Behavior survey, mobile users spend the most time browsing the Internet – more than playing games, making voice calls and messaging. Regardless, there hasn’t been major reform in the ways users browse the web.

Mobile browsers have become akin to search result vending machines where you type in keywords and just see the top results. However, we believe the browsing experience needs to be far more immersive, captivating and experiential. By making every bit of navigation smooth and seamless, Smooz makes the overall experience of searching for information much more entertaining,” said Kato.

Smooz was developed with a mission to innovate the mobile web browsing experience within the evolving webosphere. Smooz can be downloaded here.

About Astool Inc.: 

Astool is a startup founded in March 2016 by Yuichi Kato, a former product manager at Sony, Viber and Rakuten. With the mission of extending human capabilities by creating tools for the future, the company launched Smooz in September 2016 having raised $1 million from VCs and angel investors in 2 early rounds.


About Yuichi Kato:

Yuichi Kato is an entrepreneur and product creator who has developed consumer software/hardware products throughout his career. He taught himself how to code in 2012 in his spare time and created numerous apps. One of those, TennisCore was awarded the “Best of Apple Watch Apps” in 2015. Smooz followed in 2016, winning the “Best of 2016” in the Japan App Store. While Kato launched several other applications only on the Japan App Store, this indie developer has gone global with the overwhelming success of Smooz.


Media Contact:

 Name: Yuichi Kato


Award-Winning Gesture-Based Mobile Browser Smooz Goes Global